Nimbostrata + MUWN + Skyler Remillard
Le Monde Humain

Le Monde Humain Cover

"A more humane world can be created through collective efforts to promote empathy, understanding and cooperation. Education is a key factor, as it teaches us to respect and value the rights of all people. We must strive to eliminate systemic oppression, poverty and inequality, and create an environment where people can live and work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Finally, we must commit to protecting our planet and its resources, for the sake of future generations."

Released June 26, 2023

Produced by Nimbostrata, MUWN and Skyler Remillard during 2022.
Image by Magnus Andersson from Unsplash (September 2020)
Text, mastering and graphic design by Nierika Productions.

Nimbostrata (Sweden):
MUWN (France):
Skyler Remillard (USA):