Sven Phalanx

S.P.Q.R Cover

Sven Lemke is a musician and producer that has been known in the scene for over 20 years with the projects Schattenspiel (Neoclassical / Ambient) and Schwarzwald (EBM / Industrial) and also for the numerous exciting and pushing the boundaries collaborations with many artists from around the world and constantly reinventing and developing his own style.

Since 2020 in all his solo and collaborative works he appears under the artist name Sven Phalanx. "Inner Demon", an intimate compilation of 15 very personal songs was the Sven Phalanx full-length debut on Mahorka in the following 2021. In 2022 we released the follow-up "Phönix" that includes notable collaborations with Hermann Kopp and Miss Kitty and presents a wide range of soundscapes with solid dark ambient base, intermingled with industrial vibes, hauntingly catchy melodies and sometimes even danceable beats, comprising what is undoubtedly his deepest and most mature work to that date.

"S.P.Q.R", an abbreviation that has been used both for Sven's studio and label-like entity containing all his works, is also the name of Sven Phalanx's third full-length album on Mahorka where, once again, the complete and further evolved spectrum of Sven's musical diversity is summarized in 14 brilliant tracks, more than half of which have been co-authored with dear collaborators Anatoly Tokee Grinberg, Mikrometrik, Ultra, Vallée des Larmes, Shaita, Miss Kitty, CMO-Projekt, Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites and Cydonia.

Mastering by Sven Lemke
Cover artwork by Angel Draganov

Released September 6, 2023