Wave Resistance
Cooper Pairs vol​.​1

Cooper Pairs vol​.​1 Cover

Released December 20, 2023

"In some cases, during jam sessions, it is possible to reach a certain interesting state, during which intriguing compositions are born, which often do not require further post-processing. Such a unique creative phenomenon of musician collaboration resembles the pairing of electrons into Cooper pairs in a superconductor. The classical theory of superconductivity states that, below a specific critical temperature, electrons in a metal pair up to create bosons called Cooper pairs. These bosons form a phase-coherent condensate that can flow through a material without scattering – the result being superconductivity.

"Cooper Pairs vol.1" consists of three compositions: the first was recorded with Room V during numerous sessions in the pre-pandemic years in Moscow and its suburbs, the second was realized in collaboration with Fukte in 2019 in Crespano del Grappa after performing at "Noises From The Basement" in Belluno in the Dolomites, northern Italy, and the third recording was born as a result of a jam session with II:II during my last visit to St. Petersburg after performing at Sound Museum in January 2022, before leaving for Australia. All tracks combine a unique blend of genres. "Machine" is experimental techno and IDM, resulting from the combination of the sounds of analog modular and digital synthesizers. "Breakdown" is a mixture of noise from DIY electroacoustic instruments with experimental electronics, while "Collapse of Empire" is rhythmic noise and dark ambient with processed electric guitar." --Theo Kovalev a.k.a. Wave Resistance

Wave Resistance is a project of Theo Kovalev (also releasing as Waldgrenze), an experimental electronic sound laboratory circa 2013 based under Moscow and currently in Australia. The project is focused on IDM, post-industrial, techno, rhythmic noise, dark ambient and experimental electronic genres. A philosophical journey to the reverse side of our world and consciousness through the language of the technogenic music.

Room V, the project of Vadim Rumyantsev, formerly releasing under his name, represents a significant evolution in his stylistic exploration. While once confined to the exclusive realms of drone-ambient, Room V now ventures into uncharted musical territories. This evolution is marked by the seamless integration of dynamic rhythms and broader melodic lines, moving beyond the initial ambient confines. The project skilfully blends soundscapes influenced by Rumyantsev's experiences in south-east Asia with emotive moods inherited from other corners of the world. In essence, Room V has transformed into a multi-dimensional sonic journey, capturing the artist's willingness to experiment and explore beyond previous constraints. Currently based in Cambodia.

Fukte is the main project of Fabrizio De Bon, out of Italy, who is also the head of the Toxic Industries label. The sound of the project is mostly Harsh Noise with HNW and industrial influences.

II.II is experimental electronic music project from Moscow, Russia, created in 2018 by Vorobiev Andrey, also known with the projects: ἐγρήγορος, Echo Сoma, p3o, Mesosphere, The Crawling Chaos, Ил, Cдоба, Magnetic TarTrap. The project name can be read as "11:11". The music is performed on the analog modular synthesizer. It's atmospheric and cinematographic, it slowly crawls into the frame like a black cloud of giant sprout and rolling everything around the not transparent darkness. Distant industrial bits and smooth bewitching drone, all as you love. Rumours are that his musical developments he leads secretly, in abandoned old factories, conducts mass on radioactive graves in Russian forests and he suits underground festivals in deep forests. Currently based in India.