Jon Shuemaker
Point of Percival

Point of Percival Cover

Based out of Virginia Beach, USA, Jon Shuemaker is a prolific multi-instrumentalist songwriter/composer. We are excited to present his debut release on Mahorka "Point of Percival".

"The top chart on the cover with the N,NE,NW,E,W,S,SE,SW "compass" is a representation of the human ears perception in terms of auditory directional charting. The center being the "Point of Percival". The directions represent directional hearing from the center or human mind as the center of perception.

The bottom chart is based off the model for Möbius function . It was used during Summer 2023 to chart bird chirp cadences and songs. The chart pulled from both negative and positive vocal inflections from the birds sampled for analysis.

Within this charting I was creating a model for recurring patterns within speech cadences within the bird songs. Finding that there were unpredictable cadences and as well there was some that seemed to be easier to anticipate. I called this system of the predictable aspect "Telepathic Communications".

I wrote these two pieces to incorporate different perception based responses in coordination with synchronicity timing of said events."

All music composed, arranged, and performed by: Jon Shuemaker
Artwork: Jon Shuemaker

Released December 26, 2023