Abell Leonid

Abell Leonid Photo

The artist Leanyd Churylau (A-BELL, Abell Leonid) is from Minsk, Belarus, has vast experience in various genres of music, in some bands and also solo, as a vocalist, sound producer and composer.

The range of his musical output and preferences ranges from extreme forms of metal and experimental electronics, to nu-age, avant-garde, and symphonic music. Since 2016 he has been working in his recording studio Abell Leanid Production, combining in an unique way the various musical directions he's got into previously, with musical output mostly based on ambient textures, sound canvases of field recordings and improvisation on electro-acoustic instruments.

On Mahorka he has debuted with a collaboration album with Anatoly (Tokee) Grinberg in the beginning of 2023.