Anatoly Grinberg + Abell Leonid
The birth of a quantum lamb

The birth of a quantum lamb Cover

Anatoly Grinberg + Abell Leonid - The birth of a quantum lamb - it is an act of diving into a disturbing time of change and pandemic in the 2020-2021 period.

Dreary soundscapes shaken by menacing impacts. Massive synthetic reefs. A noisy and rumbling beat against the background of warm and transparent melodies. Heavy landscapes pierced with layers of concrete music, as if the conductor has gone mad, and the musicians are playing on broken instruments, looking with hope at the rising sun of a new era of mercy... Beware! The dive can be endless.

Anatoly Grinberg (Tokee, Massaith, Dead Voices On Air) is from Israel/Russia, resident of labels ant-zen, Hymen, Mahorka, Furnace, and Leonid Churilov (A-BELL) is from Belarus and has released on ADX records group, SSI, The day of life for gotten and M.A.D. After online meeting, it was decided by both of musicians to record material for an album. Recording and mixing took place remotely in Moscow (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus), during the quarantine of 2020 - 2021. That is why this work can be considered a cast of that disturbing time. The authors found much in common in approaches and beliefs. Subsequently, the duo united under the common name TVAŃ and has contributed to various labels and publishers (Monumental (RU),No Devotion Records (USA), M.A.D. (Malta), АУМ (BY), Default Standard (Greece), E:\music\noise).


Leanyd Churylau (A-BELL, Abell Leonid)

Anatoly (Tokee) Grinberg

Mastered for Digital Edition: Anatoly Grinberg

Cover & Artwork: Leanyd Churylau

released January 7, 2023