Balkansky Photo

Prolific composer Ivan Shopov is known under a plethora of aliases – BALKANSKY is his dubstep and intelligent dance music moniker, and arguably his most well-circulated. Appearing on Z Audio, Wicky Lindows, Dubsaw, Ad Noiseam, Dub Monkey, Kuker, Hollow Point, Subtrakt and Scum, his discography has been growing weekly in the past year. Ivan is known for his love of nature and mountains – taking the root for this alias from the Balkan Mountain chain from where he grew up in Bulgaria.

His first album under the name was 2009’s “KUKER” – mixing electronic music with Bulgarian folk music and traditional, alongside ethno-music legend Theodosii Spassov. He took this album out on the road in Europe live, alongside Spassov and Kuker Music art director Ivo Christov, to much acclaim and success.

His sophomore effort for global powerhouse Ohm Resistance - “The Temple” - is a more electronica-oriented work, without losing the wide spectrum of instrumentation that defines Balkansky. Collaborations with Scorn, Enduser, Loop Stepwalker, and others appear throughout the album – while never ceasing to retain the high level of production that is a hallmark of his sound. The flow is logical and pleasing from front to back – tracks in clusters representing Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit demonstrate the level of focus achieved in “The Temple”.

Performing regularly every weekend in Europe, at festivals and clubs alike, Balkansky is one of the hottest commodities currently on the electronic music scene. He has performed so far in Australia, Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Holland, Hungary, France and many more – and the entire world is most interested in seeing what this talented young producer creates next.

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