Boubi's Library
(a.k.a. Julien Palomo)

Boubi's Library Photo

Julien « boubi » Palomo is a composer and electronic musician. He is a former Free Jazz producer with Improvising Beings. He is half of Other Matter with guitarist Michel Kristof, and a quarter of United Slaves with Makoto Sato and Vinnie Paternostro. His solo work has been published by Mahorka, MuteAnt Sounds Netlabel, Entr'Acte, and Improvising Beings (unfair! unjazz!). He has been lucky enough to work with Eric Zinman, Henri Roger, Henry Herteman, Massimo Magee, Christine Webster, Fabien Robbe among others. Other aspects of his career are rather infortunate, on the other hand, and won't be told here.