Christophe Bailleau

Christophe Bailleau Photo

A versatile and prolific artist in music (including soundtracks for theatre and dance), video, photography, installations, poetry, radio art, fine art, with a degree in visual arts, Christophe Bailleau has happily gone through several decades of musical and audiovisual research in France and Belgium. His music has been released on various European labels and his spectacular discography includes more than 20 solo albums and various collaborative projects, including the interdisciplinary project Pastoral with Philippe Franck. Christophe makes intriguing and poetic short films, recording lost moments, that have been presented as part of numerous European video art festivals (Rotterdam, Argos, City Sonic, ClermontFerrand and others).

Christophe Bailleau explores different media in their specificity but also in their complementarity and their organicity, favoring a poetic and dreamlike approach.

His audio, visual or poetic works are imbued with a certain intimacy not devoid of humour. Sound is the leitmotif and the reason in his multifaceted work. His compositions are mostly based on acoustic sources (guitar, percussion, vocal sounds) tweaked and mixed with concrete and domestic sounds. He thus designs a game about waiting, silence and stormy tension. Christophe likes to understand tools and media beyond all academicism and fashion by moving away from codes, taking unconventional paths, where borders between realities and dreams are porous.

picture credit : Gavin Vanaelst