Christophe Bailleau
Vertical Moon Phase Charm

Vertical Moon Phase Charm Cover

"Vertical Moon Phase Charm", Christophe Bailleau's debut on Mahorka, is the second album out of his meta-vision of electronic and electro-acoustic music trilogy on the theme of creativity in the face of autistic disorders, following the excellent inauguration "CHUVA ORBITAL : Armadillo Time" on Lotophagus Records. Here the artist again asserts his unique craftsmanship in balancing and naturally blending low-fi and high-tech sounds, acoustic sources and digital synthesis in another powerful, immersive work. "Vertical Moon Phase Charm" notably includes quite the strong and special list of collaborators: A Limb, Stanley Christiaensen, Konejo, Innocent But Guilty and Paradise Now.

"Supradyne" (tracks 3 and 4) exists in a rather different version (and as one-part track) on "Optionnal essentials, vol V" on 3 To The 3rd Music.

Track 5 is based on "Konejo - The Rotten Cycle of Life and Decay (Christophe Bailleau Remix)" released on "The Moodygoer Remixes Part I" on Mahorka.

Track 6 is a different version of the track "Spaceform (free)" in collaboration with Innocent But Guilty for the 413 project on Foolish Records.

"A monument of fluctuating abstraction, Vertical Moon Phase Charm has no known safety measures or possible precautionary principles. A multi-dimensional mutant emulsion, we navigate in turbulent waters, no need to look for a secure anchor. Conceptual chimera, beautifully produced, each track ... proceeds through systemic enchantment, it quickly becomes unnecessary to resist - a variant geometry."
-- from Thierry Massard's review on nocoVision

Released September 30, 2023 as free (cc) download and limited cassette.

Christophe Bailleau: composition, programming, production, synthesizers, guitar, piano
A Limb: synthesizers, noises on tracks 1 and 8.
Stanley Christiaensen: Moog synthesizer, vocals, Tibetan bells, sitar on track 4.
Konejo: sampling and sounds on track 5.
Innocent But Guilty: sounds and programming on track 6.
Paradise Now: electronics, sampling and voice on track 10 and 11.

Visuals by Christophe Bailleau
Graphic Design by Messa Haddad

With the support of Transcultures / CITY SONIC - 20 YEARS
Pépinières européenneS de Création.

Thanks to Ivo, my family and FRIENDS, OPN, Optical Sound, 3 To The 3rd Music, Ben, Thierry M, Zorg, the magic.