Cognition Delay

Cognition Delay Photo

Cognition Delay is a duo of US artist Jeremy Rice (Abdicant, Curious Inversions and also in Asshole Galaxy) and UK artist Paul Alexander (Pandacetamol, Fluffy Inside) who as Kahvi Collective label mates admired each other's contrasting approaches in music and felt compelled to collaborate.

Their defining "Strange Sedatives" album from 2022 on Rednetic continues to amaze and has shown that Cognition Delay is a unique meeting of musical mindsets. While they have never met in-person, Paul & Jeremy have found a collaborative sweet spot that melds their respective solo projects into something new and shiny. A refined sound, within an undefined genre.

It is with pride and delight, for both the artists and the label, that their new "Mostly Dreaming" album appears on the Mahorka imprint.