Durán Vázquez

Durán Vázquez Photo

Durán Vázquez was born in Vigo on 1979. He started recording his work at the beginning of 1998, using self-taught methods and without prior musical formation. His work is mainly focused on audio creation, radio-art and live performances. Occasionally he composes tracks for cinema, sound-art contests, audio collaborations and his own audiovisual pieces and covers for demos. He currently produced the fortnightly radio program Radio Mil Colinas for the Rádio Zero and Radio FilispiM.

He played at festivals like Sonar (Barcelona 2004); LEM (Barcelona 2004); Experimentaclub (Madrid 2008); MEM (Bilbao 2008); In Sonora (Madrid, 2009), also at sound-art events like ArtEx Sonora showcase (Contemporary Art Museum Unión Fenosa, A Coruña 2008); Concerts at LIMb0 (Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires 2007); Ciclo Vibra (Valencia, 2009); Natal dos Experimentais (Sala Passos Manuel, Porto, 2009), and venues like Contemporary Art Museum (Vigo 2003 and 2007); Maus Hábitos club (Porto 2004); Fine Arts Faculty (Pontevedra 2005); NASA club (Santiago de Compostela 2006); Spanish Cultural Centre (Montevideo 2007); Galery DF (Santiago de Compostela 2008 and 2009); Club Le Larraskito (Bilbao 2008); Cervantes Institute (Berlin 2008); Alg-a Lab (Vigo, 2009).

Text is taken from: http://cronicaelectronica.org/?p=duranvazquez