Durán Vázquez
Selected Ambience Wars

Selected Ambience Wars Cover

Durán Vázquez is from Vigo (Galicia, Spain) and started recording his work at the beginning of 1998, using self-taught methods and without prior musical formation. His work is mainly focused on audio creation, radio-art and live performances. Occasionally he composes tracks for cinema, sound-art contests, audio collaborations and his own audiovisual pieces and covers for demos.

His herepresented album deals with ambient music style as leading motif, but also adds a socio-political component (on the music, especially the samples used, and also on the graphics). Thinking about the album title one can realize another interesting parallel...

Samples sources' list:

Track 03- Loop with the Hans Blix's voice from an interview in the documentary movie Le Monde selon Bush, by William Karel, 2004.

Track 05- Extracts from a Brad Sherman's speech at the US Congress.

Track 08- Loop with an industry expert's voice (Juan Verde, founder and CEO of The Climate Project Spain [Spanish branch of Al Gore’s The Climate Project] and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe in the United States Department of Commerce) from an interview in the TVE program Sacalalengua, 2009. Translation: “the humankind has come together to confront a climate crisis[...]”.

Track 09- Samples of the Prince's voice from a Tv program interview.

Track 10 00:13- Extract from a US National Public Radio program about Bernard Eastlund, 1988. 00:30- Gene Manning's voice from an interview in a video report documentary about weather control by CBC News. 00:52- Again, an extract from the US National Public Radio program about Bernard Eastlund, 1988. 01:06- HAARP site worker's voice from an interview in the same video report documentary about weather control by CBC News. 01:52 and further- Journalist 's voice of CBC News. 05:20- Extract of an interview with Emilio Carreño, director of the National Seismic Net, about the Lorca's earthquake, took it from a TVE news program on May 11th 2011. Raw translation: “-How was the succession of tremors along this evening? -Well, at first we was relatively surprised by the first earthquake of 4.5 grades because it was very superficial and it was felt very strong. -You mean that it was very near to the earth's surface, it was no deep. -Yes, it was no deep, almost in the very surface. -Is that worse? Does it means that the tremor is felt stronger? -Yes indeed, it is. This means that with a relatively low magnitude it is felt more and there may be more damage, of course. Then there were 5 earthquakes more that we supposed them to be aftershocks, being felt one of them. And later came a new earthquake of 5.1 or 5.2 magnitude, but it was at the same place and at the same depth and this one was truly devastating. -Is it usual that first happen an earthquake of 4.some, then several aftershocks, and finally happens an earthquake bigger than that one of 4.some? -No, it is not usual. I mean, that was a bit surprising. -It is usually the opposite... -It is usually the opposite... -... a big one and then smaller aftershocks. -That is correct. The normal pattern is that this decreases, each time being fewer and smaller aftershocks. I repeat that this is the normal pattern, but we are talking about a nature's phenomenon which is therefore uncontrollable[...]”.

Track 12 00:03- Obama's speech at the US Congress. 07:26- Obama's voice from an interview. Took it from a video in the internet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNSZ62xiD4M).

Track 13- Loop with Tucker S. McNear Carlson's voice from an interview with David R. Griffin.