Mehata Photo

Hiroshi Mehata is a Noise / Experimental / Improvisation musician from Tokyo, Japan. He is a contemporary artist who has been creating graphic artworks based on his own music.

His first release was under the artistname Mehata Sentimental Legend with the album "Noum Zeccyou" on Germany's netlabel Mind Plug Records in 2011. Since then he has been collaborating with foreign artists and musicians.

In 2013 he had his first solo exhibition as visual artist, Mehata Hiroshi - Noum Zeccyou at Gallery TEXU in Spain. In the recent years Mehata has had some exhibitions also in Portugal, Italy, Indonesia, Tunisia, Australia, Japan and others. “Mehata Hiroshi Meets Abantal Restaurante (Seville, Spain, 2014) was framed as part of 2013-2014 Japan-Spain 400th Anniversary”.

With his solo music, he appeared on the music channel “Atmósfera” on RNE Radio3 (national radio in Spain, 2014). He also did the solo music tour “Noum El Final de mundo”. (Cadiz, Spain 2015).

Besides the solo activities and collabs under his name, Mehata has several music bands, playing vocal/electronics mainly. GAIAMAMOO had performed “Sound Live Tokyo -New Sound Sanctuary” (Japan, 2015), “Ende Tymes 777” (NY, 2017), “Mixology Festival 2018” (NY, 2018), etc.