Christian + Mehata + Chagas
Love Without Wings

Love Without Wings Cover

A free-improvisation prayer and scream for survival and freedom, for those who want to be part of the Earth and the Universe, more than being from a nationality, outside any political constraint.

"We are deeply thankful to those who supported this project, directly and/or indirectly: João Carlos Mascarenhas, Davi Cerqueira. George Christian wants, specially, to thank Hiroshi Mehata, for the long-time musical partnership, brilliant visionary collaboration in sounds and arts and enthusiastic support, Paulo Chagas, for the great generosity and soulful collaboration, Bruce Hamilton (Spectropol Records), for releasing the first edition, Angel Draganov, for the special work on this new edition and Ivo Petrov (Mahorka Records) for the great support in this new remastered edition."

  1. Ame No Asa (40:35)

George Christian – Field recording and prepared acoustic steel-stringed guitar (tuning: C Eb C^ Eb^ C# E) with capo, metal ashtray, slide, loose string and two spoons (small and medium sizes). Hiroshi Mehata – Steel percussion (storage of kitchen utensils). Paulo Chagas – Portuguese pastoral flute, wood recorder, bamboo flute and flute of the Andes. Recorded and mixed between June 27th and September 19th, 2013

  1. Terra-a-Terra (31:21)

George Christian – Electric bass (tuning: D A D G) with slide and effect pedals (chrusher and fuzz), prepared archtop guitar (tuning: D> G< D+ G- A^ Gbv) with slide, screwdriver, whisk, vegetable peeler with flannel, distorted amplifier, chrusher and fuzz pedals. Hiroshi Mehata – Electric guitar, Noum Storm electronics with effect pedals. Paulo Chagas – Alto sax. Recorded and mixed between October 26, 2013 and February 04, 2014

Total album running time: 71:56

Notes: > = +33 cents, < = - 33 cents
+ = +16 cents, - = -16 cents
^ = +50 cents, v = -50 cents

Released June 17, 2018 as free (cc) digital download and a limited edition (50 pcs) cassette tape.

Composed, produced and recorded by George Christian, Hiroshi Mehata and Paulo Chagas at their respective houses (in Brazil, Japan and Portugal)

Original concept, final adjustments and remastering by George Christian Vilela Pereira

Original artwork design by Hiroshi Mehata. Artwork design reworked for the remastered edition and cassette design by Angel Draganov (based on the original artwork by Hiroshi Mehata)