Hypnos Photo

Hypnos is a project of Bulgarian producer Stanislav Genadiev. Under the Hypnos artist alias he has put out a good number of quality releases of hard hitting and techy but also atmospheric electronic music on labels such as DEAT. CERT. Records, Plazma Records, PLUNK! Recordings, Plusquam Minimal and Mahorka. The music is a reflection of his fascination with spiritualism, hypnotic imagery, hypnosis and the way they have entered our lives and become part of our society. From 2015 on he's been performing live techno rituals around - mostly festivals and clubs around Sofia, but more recently also some arts/cultural centers with more chill and abstract sounds.

On Mahorka Stanislav's music first appeared in 2016 on "Eastern Depths vol.3", with him being also a main driving force behind that compilation project's conception and realization, together with Ivelin Iliev - Protuberance. Later in 2016 Mahorka unleshed the outstandingly beautiful "Delusion Achiever" - a sudden deep dive into the uncharterd abstract and ambient realms of Hypnos and a mindblowing debut solo release for Stanislav on the label.

Hypnos further collaborated with Mahorka, contributing the exclusive tracks "Slavzor" and "VariIV" for the "Music for elevators vol.5 (part 2)" and "EASTERN DEPTHS IV" VAs respectively, and outstanding remixes for krāllār's "w/d r/w" album (that special mhrk200 reworks release), Protuberance's "Recollections vol.3" and Teeth of Divine's "ReAct I : ReGenesis"

In April 2019 the long-awaited second Hypnos album "FEARWELL" came out and in 2022 his third album "Vindictiveness" was released, showing yet new sides of the project, providing two spectacular extensions of the Hypnos realm.