Seeing or documenting things later in your life appearing as real events. Actually witnessing and realizing it. CLAIRAUDIENCE. Prophecy. Daydreaming.

DOOM BRINGER. Melancholic feelings of boredom and restlessness.

RERPROACH - from the depths of desperation and antisocial feelings, finding inspiration to create virtual Modular synth patches, destroy field recordings and play fxchained classical instruments….

Fear becomes strength when properly utilized. FEARWELL.

BLOW… Blowing winds of processed granular abstractions.

OMIT TRIUMPH. Ego overcoming inner demons.

Distorting reality so it fits our needs. DISILLUTION.

The moment when you believe in an idea that appears to be (FALSE) cause, but you find your self pushing through it, making it work, discovering the beauty behind the beast.

released April 18, 2019

Hypnos is Stanislav Genadiev.

Cover artwork by Angel Draganov.