Iversen Photo

Jan-Morten Iversen, Stavanger, Norway, is a nicenoise artist who’s been active since the early 90s, these last ten years working solo and within groups Bjerga/Iversen, Lydhode and others. Collaborations include Maurizio Bianchi, Tzesne, Quoit, Torstein Wjiik, Sound_00, Martin Steinebach and others. Iversen established the TIBProd. label ten years ago and still runs it today.

Iversen did his first release with Mahorka back in 2004 hot on the heals of a 2003-collaboration with Aneff. Mahorka was a prime nspiration for Iversen when setting up the TIBProd. website.

Links of interest: janmiversen.bandcamp.com janmiversen.wordpress.com tibprod.com tibprod.bandcamp.com bjergaiversen.bandcamp.com