Kanz Photo

Kanz (real name Kaloyan Gavrilov) is a techno and experimental electronic music act hailing straight from Lyulin, Sofia, Bulgaria. He has notable releases and appearances on labels such as KOMPONENTI, Audioavantgarde and WTF is SWAG. He is also known for his collaboration work with Cyberian (on Amek and WTF is SWAG) as well as being a part of the cult duo 80’s Clash (with Dickie Slavkov) and the very promising project Lesnik (with SuB).

On Mahorka he first appeared on the compilation album "Eastern Depths Vol.3" with the breathtaking track "Mindless" in 2016. "Restless" followed on "Music for elevators vol.5" in 2017 and in 2020 "Conditions" came out on the epic "Eastern Depths IV".

In May 2021 his solo release "Remind me tomorrow" comes out on the label.