Remind me Tomorrow

Remind me Tomorrow Cover

Kanz (real name Kaloyan Gavrilov) is a techno and experimental electronic music act hailing straight from Lyulin, Sofia, Bulgaria. He has notable releases and appearances on labels such as KOMPONENTI, Audio Avantgarde and WTF is SWAG. He is also known for his collaboration work with Cyberian (on Amek and WTF is SWAG) as well as being a part of the now cult duo 80s Clash (with Dickie Slavkov) and the very promising project Lesnik (with SuB).

"Remind Me Tomorrow" is not one's usual album and the tracks on it are not one's usual album tracks. The release formed and (Kaloyan insists) should be viewed as a collection of always in progress works, created to be used as tools for Kanz live performances. Yet, some of these "tools" are already hit tracks, starting with the Kanz debut on Mahorka on the compilation album "Eastern Depths Vol.3" - the breath-taking track "Mindless" in 2016. "Restless" followed on "Music for elevators vol.5" in 2017 and in 2020 "Conditions" came out on the epic "Eastern Depths IV". Yet, "Remind Me Tomorrow" works fantasticly good as an album.

Released May 30, 2021

All music by: Kaloyan Gavrilov,
except: Track 12 - remix by Dimitar Vassilev

Track 1 - appearing on VA - "Music for elevators vol.5", Mahorka, 2017 Track 7 - appearing on VA - "Eastern Depths Vol.3", Mahorka, 2017 Track 11 - appearing on VA - "Eastern Depths IV", Mahorka, 2020

Cover artwork photo: Ivo Graves