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krāllār is one of the most exciting projects in Sofia’s emerging experimental underground scene. Emotionally exhausting soundscapes, deep drones and walls of harsh noise that aim to annihilate your ego and make your eardrums bleed. This is a solo project of Ivan Shentov, a musician and spoken word artist also running the DIY label Kontingent Records and connected with numerous Bulgarian underground punk/hardcore and alternative bands (Feedbacker, King of Sorrow, Comasummer, dwaal, KPD-0 and more).

krāllār captures deep drones and bleak ambient soundscapes, spoken word, foundsound, prepared guitar manipulations, musique concrete, field recordings, feedback experiments, organic drones and sampled sounds that build up and draw a borderline psychotic listening experience.



“w/d” (Cass, Album, Ltd // 12xFile, Album) Kontingent Records [KREX019] // Mahorka [mhrk189] 2017
“Dying Is An Art” ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd) Kontingent Records [KREX014] 2015
“Denial” ‎(3xFile, FLAC, Album) Kontingent Records [KREX 010] 2015
“1:23 AM” ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) Abandonment [AB]-170 2015
“Drive Like There's No Tomorrow” ‎(2xFile, Album) Kontingent Records [KREX 006] 2015
“Cities I've Never Been To” ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) Kontingent Records [KREX013] 2015
“A Good Day To Relapse” ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd) Gravity's Rainbow Tapes [GRT 6] 2016

Singles & EPs

“[Basic]” ‎(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Kontingent Records [KREX 009] 2015
“The Wire Mother” ‎(2xFile, FLAC, EP) Kontingent Records [KREX 008] 2015

Krāllār & Metek – “[Haunted]” ‎(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Kontingent Records [KREX011] 2015
“UVB-76” ‎(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Kontingent Records [KREX 007] 2015


[mhrk188_p1] Music for elevators vol.5 (part 1)
Unexplained Sounds 2016 - the 2nd annual recognition test
[XE40] Into hidden visions

“Bleak, distorted b/w atmosphere! Deep drones, lo-fi underground soundscapes and cracking noises – this is the wolrd of krāllār! 1:23 AM is a post-apocalyptic soundjourney through ruins and hopelessness...“ [Abandonment label]

“Prepare yourself for a sleepwalking trip into soundscapes ranging from warm analog artefacts through mountains of noise and deep ambient valleys.” [GRT]

“The amount of clarity, the strain of life floating out of your system while listening to this work is coming across as a fine art of strangulation. […] A mutual form of something that is exciting, psychologically tiring, and yet very enduring and interesting. […] Strangely, this eerie feeling of dealing with a psychopathic artist who hides behind the wonderful art of poetry and dark experimental drone music, doesn’t easily fade away…” [Yeah I Know It Sucks]