Philippe Blache

Philippe Blache Photo

Philippe Blache is a piano trained musician, sound producer and cultural reviewer mostly recognized for heading the veteran modern classical, cinematic, elegantly melancholic soundscaping project "Day Before Us". Active since 2011 the project benefits a reputation at international level with a myriad of albums published on well noted indie labels (Twilight Records, GH Records, Rage in Eden records…) and thanks to showcases/sound installations in a wide multiplicity of contexts (from sound art museum, to church, castle party and fashion week event...). Partly eclipsing the singing/lyrical component of his music to devote himself to more electro-acoustic centered pieces Philippe Blache has also started to publish materials under his own name with the presence of occasional guests. His music leads the listener in a variety of chilling soundscapes and emotional moods, using processed piano, electric organ and electronic devices to communicate his visions. Profoundly impressionistic, dreary, eloquent and evocative works whose conceptual direction is built around an immediate and romanticized meditation for the end time.