Philippe Blache
Across the Silence and the Shade

Across the Silence and the Shade Cover

With a sense of musical introspection, incantatory melodicism and cinematic dread Philippe Blache (from Day Before Us) goes back on the forefront with a highly thrilling melancholic drama for sonic driftscapes and devastating walls of power electronics tempered by organic ethereal vibes. Detached and evanescent melodies are battling against the obscured, unsettling, stormy and weary industrial atmosphere. Powerful internal narrations and incantatory voices at distance occasionally come into the mix. With its performative bitter anthems, its ritualistic then almost religious nature, the album invites the listener to be progressively mersed in a netwok of allusive images, investing pagan mythologies, poetical escapism and christian symbology. This is the second musical offspring signed under his own name after a prolific production under the moniker of "Day Before Us", veteran project in sorrowful dark wave neoclassicism. «Across the silence and the shade» is an essential and mournful post-ambient journey which involves an emotional catharsis.

Released November 17, 2023 as free (cc) digital download and beautiful limited digipak CD edition.

Written, recorded and produced by Philippe Blache

Mastered by Giuseppe Verticchio

Graphic design and artwork by Joan Llopis Doménech

Thanks to Ivo Petrov, Giuseppe Verticchio, Joan Llopis Doménech, Darina Levandosska (for the narratives on tracks 1 & 2) and Pauline Poirel (for the vocal section on track 8).

Philippe Blache / Day Before Us: