SANMI is the moniker of the very prolific and active Japanoid artist Kyo Yanagi, from Shiraoi, Hokkaido, Japan, active in music since 1998. He has initially played in different Pop, Rock and Swing Jazz bands/formations and later on to a computer-based studio as a means to sculpt electronic/IDM compositions, using MaxMSP, MaxForLive and Ableton, and has released music on quite a few notable labels/netlabels. He uses algorithmic and process based composition techniques, creating textures which fluctuate from warm and delicate to visceral and abrasive. He regularly collaborates with other artists from around the world and around the music spectrum. Notable is his work with V4W.Enko (aka Evganiy Vaschenko), from the Kvitnu (Ukraine) label artist rooster, with whom Kyo has an electronic music duo. Besides, nowadays Kyo Yanagi is engaged more and more in the practice of free improvised music. On Mahorka SANMI first appeared on the Music for Elevators compilation series with the minimalist ambient electronic composition "Uto" and then in 2019 has released "Conga Brava Suite", a collaboration with Masato Kimura.