SANMI + Masato Kimura
Conga Brava Suite

Conga Brava Suite Cover

Conga by Masato Kimura. All other instruments by SANMI, including: Yamaha Clarinet, Recorder, Indian Bamboo Recorder, Indonesian Sulin, Russian Overtone Flute, Tibetan Bowls, Nepal Bells, Indian Bells, Casio Electronic Piano, Vietnamese Shaker, Vietnamese Gong, Chinese Gong, Chinese Hulusi, Unknown Laos Wind Instrument, Korean Metal Cups, Russian Jew Harp, Ukrainian Jew Harp, Irish Harp, Zimbabwe Mbira, Moroccan Horn, Moroccan Metal Castanet, Flypan, Steel Pot, Indonesian Toy Gamlan, Toy Slide Whistle, Angel Tuner, Czech Overtone Flute.

"Conga Brava Suite" comes as free (cc) digital download and a precious limited edition (50 pcs) cassette release with outstanding design by Angel Draganov. Both sides of the limited edition tape are same composition as the digital release.

Released November 17, 2019

Cover artwork and cassette design: Angel Draganov