Wolne Pokoje

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Robert Demidziuk lives and works in Kolobrzeg, Poland and has been strongly contributing to the world of creative commons and free culture for many years. Robert has published solo albums on Lego Ego and Chill Label and has been initiator and leader of such projects as Perry Ferya Band (Recycling Records, Clinical Archives), Skala and Skala Collective (Underwater Music, 49Manekinow, Clinical Archives), North Noise (Picpack Label, Petroglyph Music). At present Robert is member of 30 kilo słonca, Ak Uki, Wodorosty (all on the Plaza Zachodnia label), projects which oscillate around the fusion of psychedelic and post-rock, space and krautrock, experimental electronics and ambient, free jazz, improvisation and noise music.

Wolne Pokoje is a solo project of Robert Demidziuk. Prior to his debut on Mahorka, under this alter-ego he has released two tapes „Teren przylegly” (on Plaza Zachodnia), „Dialekty Mieszane” (on Pionierska Records) and the 10" vinyl „Obiekty rozmyte” (on Plaża Zachodnia). And in early 2021 the "Kostropate" cassette is released on Mahorka.

Wolne Pokoje's music is scuplted from improvisation sessions utilizing experimental electronics and electroacoustic sounds. Robert's openness to and involvement in quite different sounds and styles leads to intriguing yet unbelieveably coherent, natural-sounding and homogenous stylistic collages within this project, quite often described as post dark ambient, industrial, free improvisation and noise.