Wolne Pokoje

Kostropate Cover

1: Common quantum physicists' interpretation and statement is that there is no such thing as matter and what we all call matter, in reality is energy. The whole universe is energy, frequencies, vibrations. What we observe is energy vibrations that are slowed down to a level that is perceivable by our senses and sensors. It all exists thanks to forces which make particles quiver and yet keep the whole system together. Many spiritual or metaphysical things in essence have always been just physics which we have not properly seen and understand yet.

2: "Spaces lost, abandoned, cheated by history and nature have an odd, somewhat surreal charm ... When things and places lose the context that gave them function or meaning, you can rediscover them. Useless, even freed in a sense, they gain a specific aura. Not only do we see them as new, but they also turn their surprised sights towards us and try to ask us a question ... Sometimes an accidental glance is enough to give in to the force of that place for years. Sometimes a place lives in a person since childhood.” -- Katharina Raabe, Monika Sznajderman, taken from the intro to„Znikająca Europa”, Wydawnictwo Czarne, Wołowiec, 2006.

These two contexts were the inspiration for the energy, frequency and vibration of Wolne Pokoje’s “Kostropate”.


Recorded in Gdanska Studio, Kolobrzeg, Poland, 2018/2019

Music and production: Robert Demidziuk

Recorded using: neutron, monotron, wavedrum, guitar & effects, xylopohone, bamboo sax, slovakian bass aliquot flute, kaoss pad, vintage rhytm machine erm-32, dub sirene, field recordings

Cover artwork design, photography: Ivo Petrov

Released September 12, 2021 as free (cc) digital download and a special limited edition cassette tape.