Black Vortex

Black Vortex Photo

Amir Baloch also known as Black Vortex, realized his love for music after becoming deeply connected to Ambient and Electronic music only to discover his taste and understanding towards the genre can be traced in tune and emotion. For a few years Black Vortex experimented and learned his potential when he released his first EP titled "Submersed", which found the ear of thousands of listeners, with its dark, yet mellow beats which show Black Vortex has a distinct sound of his own. Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan to be if not the only or one of the few artists in electronic/ambient music scene today in the country. Black Vortex is an example of how a person who loves music can produce it with success and can only get better from there on out. Amir baloch promises to continue experimenting and delivering different music/genres never heard before in Pakistan!