Black Vortex
Self Imposed Isolation

Self Imposed Isolation Cover

Album Review by Shahzeb Afzal:

"After an amazing debut EP "Submersed" by Amir Baloch aka Black Vortex, the much awaited first full length album "Self Imposed Isolation" is here, and with the Album title one must consider what the artist was thinking! Fear not, for the album title are words, which shed light to the whole album into being of how Black Vortex wanted to be preceived.

After hearing the first album several times the first impression one gets is how Black Vortex's devotion has changed to bring out the story he wants to tell his fans. I have to say with the album title being so bold i wouldn't have expected a better outcome on the first track "Cornerned Beast will still fight", which starts off with piano and goose-bumping guitar sounds with chill vibes gradually leading and blending with downtempo beats, which made me mellowout and consider that maybe A cornered beast will most definitly fight!

As i moved on to the second track "Rising" a fervid feel came in with sounds relaxing me more. After giving it a complete listen, I asked myself how much dedication and emotions must've gone into creating this track masterfully. It went on to hit on my emotional side, made me relax and I wondered how beautifully made it was, I have to say it's my favourite track of the Album. The next track "Invisible" wanted to be heard closely, as the downtempo fueled by a darkvibe was back, which Black Vortex is known for. The upgrades this artist has made from his first album is commendable. Then I landed on "Void of the Beating Heart", the mellow part was back but the permutation of slowly growing progressiveness and background synths just kept me really provoked and the emotional feel was still there. I like how the difference in all of the tracks tell a story, a story Black Vortex hides well, one can only figure the meaning with the track names and the amazing part is the tracks give justice to the titles leaving a somewhat dumbfoundedness. "The Blind Eye" brings back the electronic feel, landing on this track, I began to wonder what made the artist produce tracks that would keep me so envolved from start to finish? that I know is a rare thing, the beauty here is that the Album starts off on the uptempo side, turning to mellow electronic side and again returning to the uptempo side where IDM elements are more active with the same darkvide in complete sync. After "Rising" the feeling the artist has shared would be in this track "The Blind Eye" making me love the beats and wanting to listen to the whole album to form the sync perfectly which I spoke of earlier. After "The Blink Eye" comes "Low Spirits" which suprized me more, with the tribal lyrics and sounds in the background make it a perfect world track, something Criss Angel would be proud of, Hah. Coming towards the end my first impression of "Trying" was pure electronic bliss where some IDM elements, Tabla and violin were put nicely to form a blissful track directing towards the ending of the album. The second last track "Vibrating Earth" yet again what the title claims brings electronic beats vibrating, the stings well used would advise hearing this one on headphones and drifting away.

The Last track "Surface Floatation, brings a full fledged uptempo/acid vibe, I guess Black Vortex wanted to end the album with a bang, slightly being upbeat with strings, acid and Electronica in between, bringing a beautiful end for an Artist's first full length album, which will make his fans believe how much he's grown from his debut EP and how hard he's worked on it.

A story being told so beautifully makes me want to throw a shout out to the artist and ask what was going through his mind. An effort which will amaze all Ambient/Downtempo Electronica lovers as it did me, the way the album progresses to take the turn from emotional downtempo to a whole new electronic side. Highly recommended!"

Credits: Artwork by Amir Baloch Mastered by Amir Baloch Producer, Written By Amir Baloch


(cc)Mahorka, 2012