Julien Ash

Julien Ash Photo

Julien Ash is a French composer, multi-instrumentalists and producer, combining neo-classical music with electronics and many different contemporary genres and collaborating with a wide diversity of artists, always delivering unique examples of good new modern music.

He is mostly known with the project NLC (Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites), started in July 1989 as a duo (Angustère and Julien Ash). In 1990 Angustère left. After the solo-CD "Incandescent", NLC started again, as Ash's solo project. Compositions became more melodic. The CD "Allegro Vivace" started the neo-classical period of NLC, which may not be finished today... NLC stopped in 2007 and reactivated in 2021 as the duo of Julien Ash and Aloïs L., his oldest son. Since then Ash has recorded a lot of new music in a huge variety of styles, under the NLC project and as Julien Ash, on both with regular and always interesting collaborations.

Photo by: Yann Arthus Bertrand