Julien Ash + Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi
Non Uccidere Il Pesce d'Oro

Non Uccidere Il Pesce d'Oro Cover

Vocal artist and poet AEP meets composer Ash for the third time. This collaboration started with Antonella's voice recordings, which were the inspiration for creating music to wrap them... A Christmas gift...

The complete album is released in the end of Jan, 2024 on Mahorka, followed up by a companion EP "Il Pesce d' Oro" (mhrk381b) of reimagined versions and additions.

released January 20, 2024

Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi: lyrics, vocals
Julien Ash: music, synths, acoustic guitar, electric bass, melodica, harmonica, piano, mix, digital mastering.
With: Aloïs L (violin, alto saxophone), Wolf City (percussions, electric guitar and bass), PY Lebeau (electric guitar) & François Porte (transverse flute)