METEK is from southern Sweden and his real name is Fredrik Nilsson. He's been a part of the scene for nearly 20 years now - he has released numerous albums/EPs/remixes since 1983, mostly abstract ambient and experimental music. Here is some selected discography:

METEK & ZREEN TOYZ - A Complex Brain In Confused Adventures (Gronde Murmure)
Fat Legs & METEK – Thank You For Your Letter (Ruido Horrible)
METEK vs NordBeck - 5 (dosefiftythree records)
METEK – 31 (Kiddieriot Records)
METEK – Den Stora Förstöraren (Scrape Tapes)
METEK – Episk Ljudkatastrof VI (Sodoma Records)
MEEK – Episk Ljudkatastrof II (Shit Noise Records)
METEK and Jliat - Pingu++Bondage (CDr, Mini) (Larks Council England)
Mlehst/Metek - Upholding The Tyranny Of Reason (Lathe, 10", Ltd, Mono, Belief Recordings).