Utgång Cover

With this release we pay some due respect to our kinda more abstract/experimental musical roots. The little album comes from southern Sweden and the artist behind it is Fredrik Nilsson, also known as METEK. He's been a part of the scene for nearly 20 years now - he has released numerous albums/EPs/remixes since 1983, mostly abstract ambient and experimental music. Here is some example discography:

METEK – 31 (Kiddieriot Records) METEK – Den Stora Förstöraren (Scrape Tapes) METEK – Episk Ljudkatastrof VI (Sodoma Records) METEK and Jliat - Pingu++Bondage (CDr, Mini) (a collab released by Larks Council England) Mlehst/Metek - Upholding The Tyranny Of Reason (Lathe, 10", Ltd, Mono, Belief Recordings).

"Spiral fraction reality" is his most recent work and debut release on Mahorka. The title of the opening track "Utgång" means "Exit" in Swedish.