Weinberger Photo

Johannes Weinberger is experimental electroacoustic noise songwriter artist, based in Vienna, Austria. His solo discography prior to his debut on mahorka.org includes the albums:

farewell to the undertow (mahorka), 2014 falling asleep fighting (mahorka/laundaunum), 2013 eternal nervousness (montfort records), 2013 loss and vertigo (wos), 2013 seasons in the attic (nostress), 2013 imaginary counselling (bandcamp), 2012 inconvenience (clinical archives), 2012 dead man (bleak), 2011

Weinberger has also been part of various collaborative projects producing impressive variety of twists of his songwriting, in synergy with artists throughout the experimental electroacoustics spectrum.

"Johannes Leo Weinberger is me, too. I am struggling against my senses, and i live in peace with the imaginary. I will die hungry, and i want to eat the world, including all the sickness of it. Without music, I would be impossible, which I truly am nevertheless. there can be no boredom in a dreaming mind."