Leaver + Portable Elephant + Weinberger

Raincircle Cover

Rainmaking is a weather modification ritual performed to invoke rain. On June 7th 2014 the weather in Pleven, Bulgaria not only self-invoked the rain, but conducted its own ritual as well. A ritual now known as dronemaking, a sound modification act invoking sustained tones, textural build-ups and blurry melodic progressions with voices sinking in, floating or leading the gathering.

And so a rain circle was formed, to transform the water in sound, which was transmitted through five individuals in a collaboration that is highly likely to never be repeated. At least not under those very same night rain drops.

released 10 January 2015

Weinberger & The Elephant Leaver Quartet is:
Leo Weinberger (Weinberger) – voices
Kaloyan “Zappa” Ivanov (Portable Elephant, TFSL) – guitars & fuzz
Angel “Profesora” Draganov (Polygon Ring, Portable Elephant) – bass, field recordings, textures
Daniel D(r)on(e)chov (Leaver, Expectations) – guitars, slides & delay
Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip, Leaver) – high-frequencies, micro korg, selfies

Raincircle was accidentally (per)formed and recorded at ДOМ кafé, Pleven.

It happened during the short Weinberger tour in Bulgaria.