Small Infinity

Small Infinity Cover

"Small Infinity" is the third solo and altogether fourth release on Mahorka of Johannes Weinberger, an experimental electroacoustic noise songwriter artist, based in Vienna, Austria. Here Weinberger has taken a path towards smoother and cleaner sound, compared to and complementing the harsher, edgy and more direct previously released on Mahorka two solo albums, also exploring much wider soundscapes and diversity of new production techniques.

"Johannes Leo Weinberger is me, too. I am struggling against my senses, and i live in peace with the imaginary. I will die hungry, and i want to eat the world, including all the sickness of it. Without music, I would be impossible, which I truly am nevertheless. there can be no boredom in a dreaming mind."

Released: March 20, 2016
Composed and performed by: Johannes Weinberger
Cover artwork painting: Alexandra Kerner