Roberto Vodanović Čopor

Roberto Vodanović Čopor Photo

Roberto Vodanović Čopor is a multimedial artist from Zadar, Croatia. He released the music for various independent labels Green Field Recordings, Sono Space, Novaki Music, Camembert Électrique, Warm Milk Recordings, Mahorka ... In his music he often combines the sounds of nature or the sounds of cities, and as a background he uses the sounds created from everyday objects. He has published three collections of poetry "Insomnia", "Almost a Little Book", "Walls are barking". His poetry has been included in several collections of the group of autors. He publishes poetry on various regional portals for culture and art. He is also an author or co-author of several performances that he often performs as part of his concerts. So far, he has had several exhibition of his art works. He has exhibited at several group exhibitions.