Roberto Vodanović Čopor
Lost weekend

Lost weekend Cover

"Lost weekend" is the latest project of Croatian artist Roberto Vodanović Čopor, that uses field recordings of local people's speech, underwater hydrophone recordings and contact microphone recordings to explore the diversity of sounds and the identity of the island of Vis.

Through experimentation with the collected audio elements, the artist has created a sound map of the island, showing its uniqueness and encourages listeners to get a deeper understanding of this special place through this work.

Undersea hydrophone recordings bring the sounds of the deep and the life in the waters around Vis. Through the sounds of marine organisms, air bubbles, noise currents and other sound phenomena, listeners get an insight into the diversity of the undersea. Contact microphone recordings of vibrations and sounds transmitted through the metal surfaces of the ferry connecting the island and the mainland were can also be heard - engine sounds, passenger footsteps and other characteristic sounds.

Released July 4, 2023

All field recordings, contact microphone and hydrophone recordings, as well as recordings of various objects/sources were done by Roberto Vodanović Čopor.

Electric guitar, classical guitar, synthesizer, modular synthesizers by Roberto Vodanović Čopor

Clarinet by Iskra Vodanović

Artwork by Roberto Vodanović Čopor