Perfected Vision

Perfected Vision Cover

"A collection of Ambient/Minimalist Tracks recorded by and composed by Ikipr between Feburary 2nd 2006 and January 31st 2007. Some tracks such as 'They smile upon you in your darkest hour' and 'The Moment of my utter defeat' portray solemn yet dignified overtones of hope whilst others such as a 'Nomad Looking over the horizon in search of a new home' and 'A Slight Breeze in the field' attempt to synthesize a cross global spectrum of sounds into a singular soundscape with interesting results, the enchanting tones of the latter are probably results of the chemgnostic state in which they were written, Lastly some of the tracks were experiments in radionic tones and other forms of sacred tonality analysised from a semi-scientific standpoint while still being written in a musical approach, this breeds sounds like those on 'An Experiment in Time Travel' which combines radionic tones of the placement of heavenly bodies around Sol on a specific date, image to sound techniques to capitolize upon the non-locale entanglement theory to invoke specific moments relative to the date, chemical resonance in audible octaves as 'vehicles of transport' if you will and further experiments in the bridge between sound and metaphysics" --Ikipr