Encased in Amber
Story of Summer

Story of Summer Cover

Story of Summer first emerged in the weeks and months following a summer's journey through Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, and Pakistan. Inspired by images of Sinan's domes and minarets, horizons of sunflowers, secluded monasteries, the Aegean sea, and endless chai. Upon returning these freshly sown memories were sparked into music by specific events, conversations, and recollections in the fall that followed.

Since that time the story has been added to by an international cast of producers, whose diverse approaches reimagine and reconstruct the tale into successive chapters of melodics and ambience. The sonics of all creations then polished to a shine by bvdub.

Original tracks written, produced, and mixed by Bryan Gilstein (Encased in Amber)
Reworks of the original tracks by aAirial, The Pixel Door, Abdicant, Tokee, Cognition Delay, SURVEY CHANNEL, Sevensy, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, 4T Thieves, Blanket Swimming
Mastering on all tracks by Brock Van Wey (bvdub)

released September 22, 2023