Sven Phalanx
Klangtherapie Remix EP

Klangtherapie Remix EP Cover

"Klangtherapie" is a club classic by Sven Phalanx, which he originally published with his Schwarzwald project and then reimagined in Ambient Version for his debut LP on Mahorka, "Inner Demon". On this EP, friends and companions of Sven, along with selected for the project Mahorka residents, got their hands on this classic to rework it into a spectacular trip of completely new and diverse looks and feels. One song, many different interpretations... from industrial to ambient, from rock to rhyhm'n'noise, having even the techno/trance-directed "club" killers, it is unbelievable how differently this defining song has been reinvented over and over again.

released October 10, 2021

original music and production by: Sven Phalanx

remix, additional music and production by: Sven Phalanx, Anatoly Grinberg, Different Souls, diagnosis autopsychosis, STAHLSCHLAG, xotox, Greyhound, Toxic Derwish, Ah Cama-Sotz, MRS WATANABE, LaUD23, Rastlos, Brainquake, After White Smoke, Autonomaton, YURA YURA (mastered by Yann Faussurier), Dotkov