Small tales for urban living

Small tales for urban living Cover

  1. Not always an option 13:00
  2. Visible signs 06:00
  3. Open to persuasion 08:00
  4. Cold light from distant stars 10:00
  5. Leave out the rest 09:00
  6. Never too late 08:00
  7. Gameplan for all eventualities 06:00

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work by making their recordings available for use:

    Eduard Grebe, Andras Kiss, Felix Blume;

    from the freesound project: markystar, lonemonk, robinhood76, unfa, edhutschek, audible-edge, LukeIRL, dasebr, JoniHeinonen, FenrirFangs, craftport, thedogryan420, NLM;

    Sven Grahn for the Soyuz recordings;

    The Conet Project for the number stations recordings.

    Released 09 November 2014