Moki Mcfly

Tasaday Cover

"The "Tasaday" were a Stone Age cave dwelling people in the Philippines who were not aware of other people on the planet. They had no word for war or violence, were free of any aggressive behaviour. The Tasaday had no myths, no rituals, no priests, no folklore."
-- Philippine History Archive: The lost tribe

Taking hints from a more organic approach to production, this album draws from dub music and jazz. The narrative can be psychedelic in nature and essence which makes the album a cerebral experience. Similar to the Tasaday’s headspace, no myths, no rituals, no folklore.

Released Sept 3, 2020 as free download and limited edition cassette.

Yamaha DX100
Akai MPC 2500
Roland SP-404SX

Cover image: Jan Sunday
Artist photo: Jan Sunday
Cover design: Ivo Petrov
Composed and produced: Moki Mcfly