Teeth of Divine
С​т​р​у​и​н​д​о​л (soundtrack sessions)

С​т​р​у​и​н​д​о​л (soundtrack sessions) Cover

This EP was conceived during the recording sessions for the soundtrack to the short film "Струиндол" ("Struindol") of the director Zornitsa Georgieva. The recordings are, again, completely spontaneous, following the ideas from Teeth of Divine's previous album "Act I - Genesis" regarding the "presence-happening-reflection" process.

Recording artists:
Boyan Avramov - vocals, noises, dvoyanka, bells
Alexey Nikolov - electric cello
Asya Andonova - vocals
Yasen Penchev - guitar, drones, mastering

Released March 18, 2023

P.S. "The immediate primal feeling in one present is lost or renewed, disappears or reappears after nothing is the same again." M. Cenov