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Hydrocarbon Seas Of Titan

Hydrocarbon Seas Of Titan Cover

Track: "Hydrocarbon Seas Of Titan" 74:17
recorded December 21, 2013
Michel Kristof : electric guitar
Julien Palomo : synthesizer

"The joint NASA-ESA Cassini space probe, exploring Saturn and her moons, has revealed extraordinary lakes and seas of liquid methane around the north pole of Titan. Scientists associated with the Cassini mission described a strange rectangular area of large seas, picked out by imaging instruments aboard the probe.

The total volume of Ligeia is put at 9000 cubic kilometers and it is filled not with water, but with hydrocarbon fluids. The total volume of the hydrocarbon Titanic seas corresponds to around 300 times that of Earth’s oil reserves, in a celestial body smaller than Earth.

The RADAR reflectivity suggests that the lakes are mainly filled with methane alongside a few other heavier hydrocarbon fluids. These include ethane and nitrogen. Alongside Ligiea sits another sea, Kraken. Comparable in size to the Caspian Sea here on Earth, Kraken is four or more times the area of Ligeia. Cassini will return to carry out bathometry of it in August 2014."

Here is a preview of the sounds recorded by spacecraft. To People of Earth!