Captive Portal
What Is?

What Is? Cover

The prolific as ever Zach Bridier is back on Mahorka with his main genre-merging and style-hopping electronic music project Captive Portal with another 5 track EP! This time around, it's guitar based music in a shoegaze-like style. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Gazing at shoes is not obligatory. And, this time around, the EP comes also as a very limited edition cassette co-release with Zach's own DBD Tapes.

released March 2, 2018

All music performed by Zach Bridier
No synths were used in this recording
Only guitars, bass, drums, voice, & a train

mhrk195 / dbd022 / 0021.CP016

Photos by Kristi Clay
Design by Zach Bridier
Dog is Cuki
Cover artwork by Zach Bridier.