The teknoiz commitment

The teknoiz commitment Cover

"The teknoiz commitment" is Autonomaton's second full length on Mahorka, coming out 7 years after his debut "Polarsternritual" from the start of 2015. In between we have continuously collaborated, having him featured on the "Music for elevators vol.5" and "Eastern Depths IV" VA compilations, remixing krāllār, Protuberance, Teeth of Divine, Sven Phalanx, collaborating with Abu Ama on his recently released "TOTEM" album, and releasing 2 EPs - "Picture in Picture" and "The Underwater Fires". This new album also features collaborations with Abu Ama and (a very rare occasion) label manager Ivo Petrov (under once upon a time artistname skylined), sampling of Bryn Jones (a.k.a. Muslimgauze), a Vangelis tribute/rework and opening and closing tracks from the very personal alter-ego Tribes of fishes.

But what is teknoiz? "It is universal (in relation to the universe) electronic music. It is the teknological sound of the movement of all particles in their dance through the cosmos. The movement is chaotic and in all dimensions of space. It is not controlled and does not come down to point movements, it is just there, in the whole evolution. The sound comes from each atom and its subparticles after the big bang, the music is an echo of the creation of the universe. But why teknoiz? Because it before everything is tekno, think of the teknological process of creation and, of course, of the term techno. Noiz - because it's not crystal clear, it's not and cannot be explicitly defined in spectral and time domains, its roar comes on all frequencies from all angles of the known and unknown cosmos. Set your receivers and hear it all - a convolution of the crazy dance of the particles around and throughout us as living citizens of the universe, an obscure long delayed echo of the fanfares of creation and the symphony of drones of existence."