4T Thieves
Fame is an Addiction

Fame is an Addiction Cover

"Fame is an Addiction" sounds like a cassette you found while walking on the beach, half burried in the sand, case slightly warped by the heat of the sun, little pebbles and bits of seashells embedded inside, tape loose and almost melted. You rescue it, clean it up, spool it in, and when you play it you discover that the noise of the sea waves somehow got imprinted onto it and melded with the music.

Every tune is deep within its own comfortable bed of noise, each sound treading through thick viscous aural quicksand, beats pop in from behind lush canopies of strings and pads, flocks of melodies swirl above, clouds of frequencies cast their shadows on top of everything else and the place becomes that bit cooler. Every tune does paint a scenery indeed, each is really alike a place you inhabit for a few minutes. They all feel tangible and expansive, they welcome roaming and exploration, so much is happening there, so much to see/hear/feel, so much to discover each time you return.

It all sounds old and fresh, damaged yet fully contained, at the verge of collapse yet tightly controlled. There is certainly a story being told in this music, but it's a different story for each different listener. It's the kind of music that burrows in and pulls out of you as much as it brings and it's that mix of the internal and the external, right here and right now, that makes it an entirely personal experience.

4T Thieves is a magician at the top of his game! --Angel Draganov

released July 31, 2021

Artwork picture: public domain
Artwork design: Angel Draganov