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INTENT 2023: Anastasis

INTENT 2023: Anastasis Cover

The INTENT compilation series provides a platform for electronic and experimental music artists to share their work and set goals for the coming year, encouraging and inspiring creativity, innovation, and artistic vision from all corners of the globe. Since its launch in 2019, INTENT has become a powerful resource for artists aiming to realize their ambitions and monitor their progress over time. We are proud to continue providing INTENT as a compilation that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a truly transformative and ever-evolving experience.

As we emerge from the tumultuous period of pandemic, conflict, and other turbulence, it's time to look to the future and dream bigger than ever before. But before we can soar, we must first embark on a journey of renewal and reawakening. It's time to take a deep breath and open our eyes to a world of possibilities, to chart a course for a brighter tomorrow. We must not be afraid to seize the opportunity to make a difference, to strive for a better, more hopeful future. For it is only when we come together to take action, to sow the seeds of progress, that we can truly realize the full potential of our collective Anastasis.

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Compiled by Nierika Productions in January 2023.
Image by Jaanus Jagomägi from Unsplash (April 2019)
Text, mastering and graphic design by LR Friberg.

All tracks were created and produced by the artists involved.

LR Friberg (Sweden):
Autonomaton (Bulgaria):
Coyote Senate (USA):
Voiwode (Hungary):
M.NOMIZED (France):
Melophobia (Greece):
DJ ANY WAY (Canada):
Nimbostrata (Sweden):
MUWN (France):
Skyler Remillard (USA):
Daniel Prendiville (Ireland):
Ahrien (Greenland):

Released by Mahorka on January 14, 2023