4T Thieves
The Digital Lagoon

The Digital Lagoon Cover

A hot, humid, tropical lagoon. This imagery could not escape us when we first got to hear at the peak of this year's summertide what was to become 4t Thieves's brand new EP titled "The Digital Lagoon". And it is not just the title and the less or more noticable sound bits there. The water, the humidity, the heat, the trees and the rain gradually building up is really what the music here is intentionally the official soundtrack to. With the perfect closing track that "Ever Increasing Circles" is one cannot help but feel the accumulated rainbits finally dropping on the lagoon's surface.

"The Digital Lagoon" is the second solo EP on Mahorka from the Kahvi boss, after his "Glass EP" from 2015, in which he introduced his new approach of using thoroughfully edited found sounds for as percussion sounds, also utilized here. It is actually his third EP on the label, counting the mesmerizing and airborne 4t Thieves/Faex Optim 3x3 split we also released in 2015. And then, we should also mention that this is Nik's 4th release with us altogether, remembering that he first came up to us with that spectacular Netlabel Day selected Mahorka backcatalogue mashup trip that totally deserved a release with us and got it.

Released: November 12, 2016

Cover artwork: Angel Draganov